Last wiped06 Jun - 8 months ago
Current mapSize 3400 / Seed 219759
Last restart8 months ago

Intoxicated US Battle Royale

You spawn on the edge of the initial playable area with a torch, bandage and map at sunrise. Find loot as you make your way to the center of the map. The radiation moves closer to the center over time. Games with only a few players will last about 10 minutes whereas one with many will last about 17 minutes.

You can spectate while waiting for the next game. Custom buildings which are used are created by members of the community. You can create and submit your own builds from any Intoxicated Sandbox server.

Game Mode Server

Custom game modes provide their own rules and unique gameplay experience which may be completely different to how the game is usually played.

Procedural Map

The map is procedurally generated using one of billions of possible seeds for the chosen map size. A new seed is chosen every time the map is wiped which gives players a new unique experience.