Tags Heavily Modded
Wipe cycle1 week
Last wiped16 Nov - 4 days ago
Current mapSize 3300 / Seed 356877456
Last restartabout 11 hours ago

Intoxicated ZA Battlefield

This is a Battlefield server which has smart player spawning and a persistent inventory where only rare weapons and medical supplies get dropped when you die.

Start with most weapons and meds, 50x gather, fast smelting, instant crafting, extra components, extra loot, large stack sizes, pickup deployables, auth players on cupboards and turrets, remove tool, building sharing, reskin items, smart spawning, persistent inventory, persistent in-game map, live map, PM system, no night time, no fog, no cold, animals don't attack sleepers, smart decay and more.

Procedural Map

The map is procedurally generated using one of billions of possible seeds for the chosen map size. A new seed is chosen every time the map is wiped which gives players a new unique experience.