Local time09:22 AM
Last wiped14 Apr - over 1 years ago
Current mapSize 2750 / Seed 32
Last restartabout 1 years ago

Intoxicated Deathmatch

Practise using any combination of weapons in a free for all arena based shooter.

  • You respawn instantly when you die
  • Your hotbar weapons persist across deaths
  • Limited active weapons and initial ammo to keep things competitive
  • You can find meds, ammo and rare items in random loot crates and on dead players
  • Dynamically sized areas are built around dungeons and rad towns

Game Mode Server

Custom game modes provide their own rules and unique gameplay experience which may be completely different to how the game is usually played.

Procedural Map

The map is procedurally generated using one of billions of possible seeds for the chosen map size. A new seed is chosen every time the map is wiped which gives players a new unique experience.